2012 Study by Economist Alex Brill Finds That S ESOPs Enhance Economic Prosperity

Home Reports 2012 Study by Economist Alex Brill Finds That S ESOPs Enhance Economic Prosperity

Alex Brill’s 2012 Study, “An Analysis of the Benefits S ESOPs Provide the U.S. Economy and Workforce”, found that:

  • Employment among surveyed S ESOP firms increased more than 60% from 2001-2011, while the private sector as a whole had flat or negative growth in the same period.
  • In the struggling manufacturing industry in particular, the S ESOP structure has buffered against economic adversity and job loss.
  • S ESOPs have significantly expanded the pool of US workers who are saving for retirement, while also boosting company productivity – something that has greatly benefited their employee-owners.

Brill notes that “in the context of the current tax reform debate that seeks to curtail existing tax expenditures in favor of lower statutory rates, policymakers should recognize the evidence in support of S ESOPs and their positive economic contribution.”

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