ESCA Leadership

ESCA’s Board of Directors, Leadership Council and Advisory Committee are made up of company and professional members who take the most active roles in ESCA’s daily policy-driven activities and organizational development.

The Board of Directors is the central governing body of ESCA, comprised of an executive committee and general members. The Board of Directors has oversight for strategic, financial, priority-related, membership and other key areas for ESCA. There are five committees within the Board of Directors: Policy, Governance, Programs, Membership, and Political. Each of these committees is comprised of 5-12 Board members and reports to the full Board at each of the quarterly meetings.

Up to 25 of ESCA’s Professional Members are invited by the Board of Directors to serve on ESCA’s Advisory Committee. Appointments are made annually and are based on the Professional Member’s commitment to ESCA’s goals of promoting and preserving the S ESOP structure as evidenced by assisting ESCA in securing new members and providing counsel and insights to the ESCA Board of Directors on issues affecting S corporation ESOPs.

Richard Acheson

BSI, Inc.

Scott Adamson

ArentFox Schiff

Elyse Bluth


Neil Brozen

Ventura Trust

Regina Carls

J.P. Morgan

Patrick DeCraene

GreatBanc Trust Company

Aziz El-Tahch


Laurence Goldberg

ESOP Law Group

Robert Grossman


Mary Josephs

Verit Advisors

Danielle Montesano

JP Morgan

Marcus Piquet

Ambrose Advisors

Alan Taylor


Julie Williams