Having a Member of Congress visit with your employee-owners at an office location, a jobsite or virtually can be one of the most impactful ways to tell your S corporation ESOP story and build support for employee ownership with federal lawmakers. These visits, which ESCA calls “district visits,” help educate Members about the benefits of employee ownership and can convert a Member of Congress into an active supporter of S ESOP policies.

Please find below more information on district visits and in-district meetings. If you are interested in hosting an event or attending a meeting, please contact Audrey Sims (asims@vennstrategies.com) or Graham Roy (groy@vennstrategies.com).

What are the different ways your company can host a Member of Congress?

There are three primary ways that ESCA companies can engage with a Member of Congress at the state or congressional district level. All three types of events – district visits, regional events, and in-district meetings – can allow your company to showcase the uniqueness of the ESOP structure, communicate ESCA’s legislative priorities to the Member and/or staff, and highlight the way ESOP companies in the Member’s state/district create jobs, provide for retirement security, and promote economic growth. Below are the three types of visits ESCA companies tend to host:

District Visits:

Typically involve one ESCA company hosting a Member of Congress/staff at a location for about an hour. Sample district visit agenda can be found in the “What is a visit typically like?” section.

Regional Events:

Similar to a traditional district visit, a regional event is anchored by a Member of Congress visiting a company site and includes inviting other ESCA company representatives from other area and prospective ESCA members (S ESOP businesses not yet part of ESCA) to participate in the event. These events help showcase the ESOP community for a Member in a state/congressional district and can be used as an ESCA membership recruiting tool by getting non-ESCA members engaged in ESCA’s advocacy activities.

In-District Meetings:

Unlike district visits and regional events, in-district meetings take place in the Member’s local office. ESCA company employee-owners will travel to meet with the Member of Congress at one of their state/congressional district offices for a 20- to 30-minute meeting where employee-owners can discuss ESOP issues, make a legislative ask, and introduce their companies to the Member of Congress. In-district meetings are very similar in feel and structure to meetings that take place in a Member’s Capitol Hill office.

Click below to see ESCA’s comprehensive District Visits Guide for information on how to invite and host a member of Congress.