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Get The Facts About S ESOPs

While nearly 46% of working Americans do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, all S corporation ESOP participants do have a plan, and that plan is wholly funded by their companies. More than 55% of Americans over the age of 55 have no retirement savings. Furthermore, data proves that S ESOPs are more than just powerful saving vehicles, they are economic drivers.

Retirement Benefits

  • Retirement account balances are meaningfully higher than the average 401(k). 
  • Distributions to participants totaled nearly $38 billion from 2002-2014.
  • Today, S ESOP workers are seeing $14 billion in new savings each year.
  • In a 2019 survey, 66% of millennial workers at S ESOP companies expect to be better off than their parents, compared to 41% of their peers at non-ESOP companies.
  • 91% of ESOP workers said they had enough savings to live comfortably during retirement compared to only 49% of U.S. retirees, according to a 2018 survey.

Economic Impact

  • By increasing capital ownership, ESOPs reduce wealth inequality and do not have the effect of trading employee ownership for wages.
  • S ESOPs in particular lead to greater firm longevity and higher wages, wage growth, job stability, retirement plan contributions, employment, and sales.
  • Every year S ESOPs’ higher productivity, profitability, job stability, and job growth generate a collective $19 billion in economic value that otherwise would not exist.
  • S ESOPs have strikingly fewer loan defaults than other businesses: on average, an unusually low 0.2 percent annually.