Realityworks Wins Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year

March 21, 2014

Home News Realityworks Wins Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year

Here at ESCA, we are thrilled to recognize employee-owned and member-company Realityworks, Inc. of Eau Claire, Wisconsin for receiving the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award. Realityworks was one of nine companies in the state to be recognized by an independent panel of judges representing industry, education, and the public sector.

Realityworks started with the mission to provide students with educational tools to address teen pregnancy, child abuse and improve parenting skills. In recent years, the company has launched welding simulator products to help students prepare for manufacturing and welding jobs. The call to the common good is not something that is unique to Realityworks, but is a trait seen throughout the employee ownership world. It emerges from the essence of the ESOP business model. Employee ownership ultimately increases an employee’s personal responsibility in a company, while at the same time, making sure the entire office community reaps the rewards of their hard work. This spirit inevitably spreads to the wider community.

ESCA congratulates Realityworks, Inc. on receiving this prestigious award!

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