McCarthy Holdings, Inc. celebrates decade of employee ownership

April 19, 2012

Home News McCarthy Holdings, Inc. celebrates decade of employee ownership

ESCA member, McCarthy Holdings, Inc., reached an exciting milestone by celebrating its 10th anniversary as 100 percent employee-ownership on April 12, 2012. McCarthy is also one of America’s oldest and largest privately-held construction companies, founded back in 1864.

Since transitioning to 100 percent employee-ownership in 2002, the S corporation ESOP structure is a crucial element of their continued development and success. As employee-owners with a stake in the outcome of the company’s success, McCarthy workers have a unique perspective on every relationship and every project.

And it’s working. McCarthy has been repeatedly honored as a Best Place to Work and as one of the safest builders in America. In addition, McCarthy has developed and rolled out a multitude of technology innovations to enhance efficiencies in the field, ranking them among the top users of Building Information Modeling in the industry according to Building Design & Construction Magazine.

Since becoming employee-owned, McCarthy has developed and implemented the best-in-class McCarthy Build U® employee-owner training and development program, garnering a top ten ranking on the prestigious Training Magazine 125 list from February 2012.

But most importantly, after the training, career development, hard work and commitment to their company, McCarthy’s 1400 employees do not have to agonize about retirement like the majority of other retiring Americans. The S ESOP offers company workers an additional option for retirement savings through their investments in their employer’s stock, at no cost to the employee.

We look forward to seeing McCarthy continue to reach big milestones and support their continued efforts to preserve the S ESOP corporate structure.

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