“It definitely makes a big difference to own a part of a company”

August 13, 2012

Home News “It definitely makes a big difference to own a part of a company”

Inland Truck Parts Company depends on dedicated employees.  Inland’s employee owners are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business and care about customer service.  Inland has numerous long-term employee-owners that help newer employees understand that a long career with Inland will secure their future retirement through the Inland ESOP.

Employee ownership didn’t make Greg a hard worker, he learned that from his parents and it has continued during his career with Inland.  His mother, at 83, is still employed full-time so he has had a great role model for work habits.  Greg started at Inland in 1976 when it had three locations, and he knew through hard work and dedication that he would have a great retirement whenever that day comes.  Starting in Omaha, Nebraska, Greg has moved his family to Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas and Kansas.  “It was challenging every move relocating your wife and four children.  I thought of it as a challenge and a way to continue growing with the company by relocating and opening new locations” for the company, which now operates 27.  “It really helps when you have a very supportive wife. We knew that these moves would help secure our future.”

After 36 years and decades of building equity in Inland, Greg knows that he will have a secure retirement.  Employee ownership makes a big difference, according to Greg, for young and old employees who are otherwise unlikely or unable to put aside money for their future.  Each year Inland Truck Parts typically contributes 15 percent of a worker’s wages in the form of company stock which grows into a meaningful retirement savings account.  At age 50 and ten years of service, Inland employees may choose to diversify their investment.  “I can tell you there were times that I could have used that money,” said Greg.  “I am really glad that I will now have it for retirement.”

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