Every Employee An Owner, Every Customer A Commitment

November 7, 2016

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Established in 1924, Sentry Equipment Corp. provides sampling and analysis techniques to customers, allowing them to optimize process control and product quality. Our services and products help businesses improve production efficiency, output, and safety around the world.

In 1985, Sentry Equipment Corp. owners Dick and Mary Henszey began the process of shifting ownership of the company to employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The plan, designed to secure the company’s and employees’ future, transferred ownership from the Henszeys to all employees over a period of time, with the Henszeys personally guaranteeing the financial obligation associated with the transfer of ownership. While ESOPs were not an entirely new concept, this method of financing was creative and eventually became a model for other companies looking to transfer ownership.

Mary commented at the time: “The transfer of ownership from a privately-owned business to an employee-owned business has to rank as one of the most dramatic decisions in our history. Cooperation and teamwork among employee owners will determine the future of Sentry Equipment Corp. The company could have belonged to someone else, but we’re betting on you, the people who are here now, and your successors.”

The change in ownership was also the catalyst for a shift in company culture. With total accountability, the employee-owners were proud to stand behind their products, customers and people with steadfast dedication, and in 2009, their hard work was rewarded when Sentry Equipment Corp. was named Wisconsin’s Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award Winner.

A Sentry motto is “Every employee an owner, every customer a commitment.” Sentry employee-owners live this value in their treatment of customers. In surveys, customers have cited employee-owner responsiveness, knowledge and caring as key reasons they want to do business with the company. “What makes Sentry Equipment Corp. stand out is they take the time to figure out what is needed; they take extra effort,” said one process customer. “For me, the standout quality of Sentry Equipment Corp. is the personal and individual attention they give to accounts,” said another.

As an employee-owned company, the Sentry team fully appreciates the value of every customer and the importance of every relationship, taking pride in their work, delivering on promises and standing behind commitments. With a hands-on approach to getting to know customers’ businesses, employee-owners custom engineer solutions to deliver maximum value and back it up with prompt, reliable, long-term support.


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