ESCA Elects Amsted’s Steve Smith as New Chairman

March 4, 2014

Home News ESCA Elects Amsted’s Steve Smith as New Chairman

ESCA is excited to announce a new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Stephen Smith who is VP-General Counsel at employee-owned Amsted Industries.

Smith shared his support for ESCA and the employee-ownership business model, saying: “In a time of increased focus on income inequality and inadequate retirement savings, employee ownership can help address the concerns of American workers. The S ESOP structure lets employees benefit not only from their hard work, but also share in the capital as owners of their companies.  Everyone rows in the same direction and the companies’ success leads to secure retirements all while growing our economy and creating jobs. It is an honor to be elected to serve ESCA’s employee-owned companies.” He continued on to thank outgoing Chair, Greg Klein, the current CFO of Inland Truck Parts Company for his leadership and work in promoting employee-ownership.

ESCA also thanks Greg for his support and leadership over the last three years. We are excited and confident knowing Steve will pick up right where Greg left off.  Congratulations Steve!

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