ESCA Board Company Scot Forge Hosts Senator Tammy Baldwin

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August 19, 2019

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Clinton, Wisconsin – On Friday, July 26th, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) visited the Scot Forge plant in Clinton, WI, to speak with employee-owners about employee-ownership, career and technical development and her Made in America Act. This bill is aimed at strengthening Buy America requirements that ensure federal programs use domestically produced materials. As an employee-owned American manufacturing company, Scot Forge values this legislation that would put their employee-owners on a level playing field with foreign competitors.

Senator Baldwin was particularly interested in discussing employee-ownership and how ESCA member companies can work together to educate more companies on the benefits of ESOPs, along with recruiting the next generation of talent to join ESOP companies. As the Senator noted, planning early for retirement is something most people struggle with and ESOP companies help ensure a healthy retirement for their people.

“Wisconsin has a rich history of employee-owned businesses and Scott Forge is carrying on that tradition supporting our workers and strengthening our Made in Wisconsin economy,” said Senator Baldwin. “The federal government spends billions of taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects that are not subject to Buy America requirements. The result is American taxpayer money is being spent to buy foreign products and support workers in other countries. We need to change this because America needs to buy what Wisconsin makes. I am proud to have earned the support of Scott Forge for my Made in America Act. This legislation will strengthen Buy America requirements for the federal government so we are supporting Wisconsin manufacturers like Scott Forge.”

“It was a pleasure to host Senator Baldwin at Scot Forge’s Clinton, Wisconsin facility,” said Laura Diedrich, Marketing Lead. “We are incredibly proud of our 126 year history and we believe being 100% employee-owned has a lot to do with our success. We appreciate Senator Baldwin for coming to learn more about our story and for always being a reliable champion for employee-ownership.”

Scot Forge is a 100% employee-owned metal forging company that is considered the industry leader in open die forging and rolled ring forging. With three facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin, and two joint ventures, Scot Forge operates more than 1.4 million square feet of manufacturing space. From the wheels of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, to mission critical components for nuclear submarines, to large hydraulic cylinders for the largest mining trucks on the planet, Scot Forge creates the precision forged metal parts used in demanding applications all over the world.

Senator Tammy Baldwin with Scot Forge employee-owners.

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