Employee-Owned Companies are the “American Dream”

December 10, 2012

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Natalya Steinke immigrated to the United States from Russia with nothing but a single suitcase and the desire to live the “American Dream.” Years later, she has seen that dream come true through her employee-owned company, MW Builders.

With in the first two weeks of starting her job at MW Builders, the contracting and construction company held a staff meeting. For the first time in Steinke’s career, executives shared the company’s financial standing, upcoming bids, new projects, and development opportunities for employee-owners with complete transparency. It is this sense of inclusion and collective responsibility rarely seen outside of the ESOP world that makes these corporations unique.

For Steinke, ESOPs are the “American Dream.” – a chance to own part of the company in which they work They, and to see that work manifest into securing a future.

Natalya Steinke’s story at MW Builders is not unique. Employee-owners around the country benefit from their respective organizations. A 2008 study by Steven Freeman and Michael Knoll, two leading tax and economic experts from the University of Pennsylvania, found that employee-owned companies provide higher productivity, profitability, job stability and job growth for employeesThese benefits allow ESOP companies to amass $33 billion more in combined earnings than what they would earn if they were not employee-owned.

MW Builders, a subsidiary of MMC Corporation, was founded in 1932 in Kansas City, Missouri. Since then it has emerged as a nationwide, multimillion-dollar contracting and construction company with locations in Temple, Texas and Manhattan and Overland Park, Kansas. MW Builders became 100% employee-owned in 2002.

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