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Turning Employees
Into Owners

Employee-owners have motivations and incentives
that make their business more successful

Retirement Security

Annually S ESOPs distribute 56%
more to retirees than 401(k)s

and Our Economic Future

Expanding S ESOPs will boost middle class incomes and savings,
addressing both growth and inequality concerns

About ESCA

ESCA, the Employee-owned S Corporations of America, is the voice in Washington, DC that speaks exclusively for employee-owned S corporations (“S ESOPs”). Since 1998, ESCA’s membership has grown to represent more than 220,000 employee-owners across the country.

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Studies and Surveys

ESCA works with policy and academic experts to produce intellectual capital and provide data to show the benefits of employee ownership in S corporations.

2021 John Zogby Survey Finds that S ESOP Employees Fared Better in the COVID-19 Pandemic Than Non-ESOP Employees

A survey done by John Zogby in 2021 tells an encouraging story about the financial stability of S ESOP employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Top Biden Economist: Encouraging Employee Ownership Could Improve Job Quality, Increase Workers’ Wealth & Productivity

A study by Jared Bernstein examines the benefits of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and proposes ways to encourage the formation of more employee-owned businesses.

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John Zogby Strategies Survey Finds ESOP Millennials Are Better Prepared For Retirement Than Their Peers At Non-ESOP Companies

In September 2019, John Zogby Strategies released a survey that found millennials working at employee-owned companies are far better prepared for retirement than other working millennials.

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ESOPs in Your State

ESCA members include over 170 companies, with representatives in every state. See the map to the left for more state-by-state details on ESCA companies and employee-owners.

Nearly 1,000,000 employee-owners work in approximately 3,500 S corporation ESOPs across 50 states.

S ESOP companies flourish in industries as diverse as manufacturing, health care, retail services, finance, engineering, construction and more. Employee-owners are essential to the fabric of economies at the local, state, and national level.

Employee Owners
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ESCA Members

Since 1998, ESCA’s membership has grown to represent more than 220,000 employee-owners in virtually every state in the nation. ESCA company members engage in a broad spectrum of business activities and are a variety of sizes – from 25-person businesses to companies with 20,000+ employee-owners – but all have one thing in common: a commitment to protecting the S corporation ESOP structure and promoting it so that more working Americans can become employee-owners.