Host a District Event/Meeting

“District events” are visits from members of Congress to a company’s facility or job site located in their district or state. “In-district meetings” are meetings with a member of Congress back in their state or district office. Both take place in the members home state or district offices and are great opportunities for your members of Congress to learn more about your company and the importance of employee ownership.

Members of Congress have several in-district work periods or “recesses” each year where they are back in their state, or district offices. These weeks are typically the best times to have an event or meeting take place.

Please find below more information on district events and in-district meetings. If you are interested in hosting an event or attending a meeting, please contact Matt Pearce (

District Events

Hosting a member of Congress is the best opportunity for policymakers to see firsthand how important employee-owned companies are to their state/district, to hear stories of success in your S ESOP company, and to begin forming an important relationship with your company and ESCA.

A typical district event includes a tour of the facility/site, a brief meeting between company executives and the member of Congress, and a ‘town hall meeting’ type setting where all of the employee-owners gather to hear the member speak, followed by a question and answer discussion. Click here to read how you can invite and host your member of Congress.

In-District Meetings

An in-district meeting is a meeting in the member of Congress’ hometown, or “district” office. It is similar to a meeting on Capitol Hill but because it is not so far away, it can be an opportunity for your company to bring more employees to the meeting to tell your company’s S ESOP story and ask for your Senator or Representative’s support. In-district meetings may involve representatives from multiple companies in the area, and that presents an excellent opportunity to impress on your legislator that there is significant interest in ESCA’s issues from a number of companies and many employee-owners in their district or state. Click here to read how you can schedule and attend an in-district meeting with your member of Congress.