HNTB’s ESOP Is Best Option For The Company, Employees

HNTB’s ESOP Is Best Option For The Company, Employees by Pat Mosher At HNTB, an infrastructure solutions firm and ESCA Board member, the foundation for an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) was laid during our transition from a private partnership to an S-corporation in the mid-1990s. An ESOP was the perfect solution to spread the benefits of corporate ownership from [...]

MMC Corp’s Journey To Employee Ownership

MMC Corp's Journey To Employee Ownership By Tim Chadwick MMC Corp's journey to employee ownership is like many others, it involved a lot of hard work and took some time, but in the end we found ourselves with a true team-first culture that fosters a collaborative environment and contributes to sustained success. A family-owned company since 1932, MMC Corp, a [...]

Moving From Employment to Owning Our Future

Moving From Employment to Owning Our Future By: Pete Strange And Kathy Daly We are often asked what led us to form an Employee Owned S Corporation (S ESOP) at Messer Construction.  The answer for us was the crisis caused by the death of the last son of our founder.  For the first fifty years Messer was a very good, family-owned [...]

The Business Case For S ESOPs

 Research consistently finds that employee-owned S corporations (S-ESOPs) outperform the stock market and are far more stable in terms of employment and financial stability than other companies. The reason: S-ESOPs are more productive than other companies. In fact, research has shown that employee ownership correlates to a four percent increase in productivity. These productivity gains fuel growth, which, in turn, [...]

Iowa ESOP highlighted during Employee Ownership Month in October

Recognizing the inherent benefits of Employee Sponsored Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Iowa Governor Terry Branstad proclaimed October "Employee Ownership Month." This month is an opportunity to raise the public profile of Iowa-based ESOPs like many of our Iowa member companies – including Dexter Apache Holdings, Precision Pulley and Idler, Ritchie Industries Inc., Van Meter, Inc., and VGM Group, Inc. Governor Branstad [...]

How S ESOPs Help Americans Save For Retirement

How S ESOPs Help Americans Save For Retirement Right now there is a growing retirement crisis in America. The numbers paint a worrying picture: half of 55 to 64 year old Americans have less than $14,500 in retirement savings, according to the Center for American Progress. The influx of retiring baby boomers combined with stagnant wage growth and the decline [...]

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